The greatest offer and investment for our region as well as for our country can not be other than the promotion of Education, Science and Art because in these fields Greeks are internationally distinguished.

One of the first actions of His Eminence Metropolitan Ioannis the day after his enthronement was the foundation and operation of institutions in order to cover a wide range of activities and offer to everyone and especially to young people of the Metropolis Province. With the approval of the Regulations of operation from the Holy Synod of the church of Greece which were published in the Official Gazette 4 foundations were created.

  • The Youth center “Saint Kyranna”

  • The Museum of liturgical tradition and culture ¨ Pharos ¨

  • Η Σχολή Βυζαντινής Εκκλησιαστικής Μουσικής και 

  • Ο Ραδιοφωνικός Σταθμός ¨ Ορθόδοξη Παρουσία ¨

There are charitable institutions with a cultural non-profit profile and have been established in the Metropolis of Lagada, Liti and Redina. On the basic principles of spiritual progress and success of the youngsters with the aim to keep alive the Christian and Greek tradition, the historical memory with knowledge and program, they base their operation on ministration performed by experienced professors, clergy and laity and the other administrative executives who care for the accommodation of the purposes and work for the realization of the goals set by our prelate.

More information about the institutions you can find in the special section in our website.